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First Ever Image of Black Hole Supports Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

First Ever Image of Black Hole Supports Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Introduction to Black Hole

Black holes are supermassive objects from where nothing can escape, not even light. The edges of black hole are the point of no return called event horizon. But scientists finally succeeded in designing the first ever image of the shadowy edge of a supermassive black hole. This huge discovery in the history of mankind has led us to a different way of understanding the universe.

Although we have got an image of a black hole, the topic of black hole is not new. The existence of black hole was predicted by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity more than 100 years ago. Many scientists supported it including latest great scientist, Stephen Hawking. Now we have got a solid proof the existence of black hole after about 65 years of passage of Einstein.

First ever image of black hole
First Image of Black Hole

About First Image of Black Hole

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, scientists have released the image of an active supermassive black hole which is located in the center of an elliptical galaxy. The black hole is named as Meisser 87 (M87)and is present about 15 million light years from us. It is 6.5 billion times the solar mass and 40 billion kilometers across. The image was captured by using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

It is circular but on one side, light is brighter because the light is approaching the earth.

“The image had an orange, yellow and black ring which was obviously a black hole and its surrounding”, said Havard’s shepherd Doelemon, Director of EHT team.

An EHT team member and astronomer at University of Waterloo, Broderick said,” The shadow exists in nearly circular and the inferred mass matches estimates due to dynamics of stars 100,000 times farther away.”

Prediction by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

It was theoretically predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity more than 100 years ago. The image of black hole fully supports the theory of relativity. It is crescent – shaped as predicted by Einstein. The circular disc is an event horizon from where nothing can escape. The portion is the core of black hole and is totally black. Einstein’s prediction about the shape and glow of a big black hole is also proved right.

Einstein’s theory has not only passed this test but every challenge over the last 100 years. He has been right all along.

E.g. Einstein predicted gravitational wave which is created by massive accelerating objects.
In 2015, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Waves Observatory) confirmed the ripples in space-time which were gravitational waves.
It was observed when two small black holes were merging.


After a decade, we have finally figured out about black hole which Einstein explained earlier. It took a lot of efforts for many scientists working for years and collecting millions of GBs of data to create a single picture of black hole. Hats off to all the scientists who theorized, supported, researched and proved about the existence of black hole.