What would happen if moon starts falling towards Earth

What would happen if moon starts falling towards Earth

What will actually happen if Moon starts falling towards Earth?

Moon fragments falling towards earh
Moon fragments falling towards earth

You might have looked into sky and thought about many things and incidents that may or never happen. Have you ever thought that what would happen if moon starts falling towards Earth?

Well, we have thought a lot about it and have had some conclusions that might happen if the beautiful moon really starts falling towards Earth.

Role of Moon in our Earth

Moon is one and only satellite of Earth. The gravitational force between Earth and Moon is holding Moon on its axis around Earth and is responsible for tides in Earth and stable climates. In the absence of moon number of tides would be decreased significantly. Absence of moon would make our Earth really different and possibly inhabitable. Our climate would be totally different and extreme.

To sum up, Moon is making our Earth more suitable for limit. But will we be able to survive if it starts accelerating towards us?

When Moon starts falling towards Earth,

Firstly, when Moon starts getting closer to Earth, it would create large tides in oceans. The Gravitational force of Moon would create huge tides along the sores and every cities and places along sea shores would be destroyed.

Would moon really strike on Earth’s surface if it starts falling towards Earth?

When Moon starts falling towards the Earth, the Moon will disintegrate itself before hitting our Earth’s surface. The side of Moon towards Earth experiences more gravitational force of attraction while the farther side will be pulled less strongly. Because of this, Moon gets elongated and will tear apart forming many small pieces of it. The moment of its tearing is given by Roche limit.

While reaching to Roche limit, tsunamis would be as high as average mountains. And these tsunamis would be frequent – about 10 times a day.

Our day length will start being shorter as the moon starts approaching towards the Earth.

The moon can only get as close as 18,470 km to us before it shatters into pieces. All the flags and other debris that have been left in Moon will start revolving around us by forming a ring with diameter of 37,000 km.

But this ring would not last longer. It will start falling to Earth – firstly smaller ones and then the bigger ones. It would be like the asteroids raining to Earth, causing a huge damage to every aspects. So there will be very less chance of your survival.

Are there any good aspects?

Yes, it will probably help in healing our Earth. The ocean waters will spread all over the Earth’s surface which will surely reduce global warming

But you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, Moon is moving away form Earth at the rate of 4 cm per year and we might not have the chance to see those pretty Saturn like rings around us too.

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